Following guidelines of local, state and federal health officials, the CDC and the WHO, we have begun re-opening our hearing centers. However, the health of our patients, hearing care professionals and associates remains our top priority. For more information and a list of the locations that are open, click here.

Serving Philadelphia for Over 40 Years

Comprehensive Hearing Care Centers in Philadelphia

Are you one of the 48 million Americans living with hearing loss?

  • Do people around you seem to be mumbling or whispering?
  • Does a family member pass through the room and turn down the TV volume just after you get it to a level you’re comfortable with?
  • Do your children scold you for failing to answer the phone—when, truth to tell, you never heard it ring?
  • Have you cut back on socializing and going out of the house because it’s gotten harder to understand people when you’re talking face to face?

Helping Philadelphia Hear Better for Over 40 Years

Our Philadelphia and Delaware County hearing loss specialists know that hearing loss is an intensely personal battle, and that is why we work one-on-one with each of our patients. We understand your concerns and will answer all of your questions while helping you find the best products and treatment options for your individual hearing needs.

We work from the ground up to restore lost hearing by helping patients in need of:

  • Hearing Testing  Many patients first come to us because they are not sure they need a hearing aid. Your ability to hear certain letter sounds, vocal registers, and volumes can all help determine what is causing your condition. Our testing lab can discover if your hearing loss is due to problems in the outer ear, inner ear, or cochlea, and can determine the extent of your hearing loss to help you find the treatment that is right for you.
  • Hearing Aid Devices  There are numerous types of hearing aids on the market, each with its own unique features to help patients get the most out of their devices. We offer a wide variety of hearing aid styles, including behind-the-ear models, custom-in-the-ear devices, micro-in-the-canal styles, or completely-in-the-canal devices. We can also customize your hearing experience by adding accessories to work with your device, such as wireless television transmission and automatic phone connections.
  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance Your hearing aid will need regular cleaning and maintenance to give you the best possible sound. We offer free cleaning, inspection, and sound checks on any hearing aids, whether they were purchased from us or somewhere else. If you choose to leave your device with us for repair, we are happy to loan you a hearing aid to use at no cost to you while yours is being serviced.
  • Tinnitus Evaluation and Relief  Are you still able to hear others perfectly, but have a buzzing or hissing sensation in your ears? Many patients will notice signs of tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears, before they notice any hearing loss. Our hearing care providers can determine the cause of your tinnitus and find an effective treatment, giving you even more control over what you hear and when you hear it.

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If you have been experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, it’s important to have your hearing tested as soon as possible. Let our team of hearing care professionals help you take the first step. Our extensive selection of hearing aid devices along with our experience allow us to provide customized solutions best suited for you and your life.

We’ll come to you! Tru-Tone Hearing Aid Centers serve patients in the greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County, and other communities in Pennsylvania.

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Hearing Instrument Specialist

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