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Millions of people nationwide are living with hearing loss. Although hearing aids are greatly effective in correcting hearing problems, fewer than half of all hearing-impaired Americans have gotten the hearing correction they need. Some seniors are afraid of being seen as “old” if they have a visible hearing aid, while others are hesitant because of the costs or hassle of undergoing hearing testing.

Now You Can Get the Answers You Need Without Leaving Your Home

No matter what has been holding you back from getting the care you need, TruTone Hearing Aid Centers has created a special how-to guide to help you. Our Free Consumer’s Guide explains the early symptoms of hearing loss, provides colorful diagrams to help you understand how the hearing process works, offers questions for you to ask a potential hearing care provider—and much, much more.

This book was created to help seniors understand hearing loss, in order to give them the answers they need to make an informed decision about their care. Our consumer guide walks each patient through the process of testing, choosing, and adjusting his or her hearing aid, and offers keys to finding a lasting solution for hearing loss within any budget.

Our hearing care team addresses many questions about hearing loss and hearing aids, including:

  • Do I really need a hearing aid?
  • How much does a hearing aid cost?
  • Where should I go for a hearing test?
  • Do hearing tests hurt?
  • What are my options when it comes to hearing devices?
  • What kind of hearing aid would be best for me?
  • How long will the whole process take?
  • Is it hard to adjust to life with a hearing aid?
  • What do I do if my hearing aid breaks or wears out?

You Get Exactly the Information You Want, Without the Pressure

Many people are afraid to discuss hearing aids with their doctors because they are not sure the device will fit into their budget. Our booklet offers an overview of common types of hearing aids and explains the cost of each one, allowing you to take control of the shopping process without the pressure of a visiting a store. Simply fill out the form below and our guide will be sent directly to your email inbox. That’s it! Our free guide will be sent instantly, so you can start learning about your options right away.