Is Your Loved One Showing Signs of Hearing Loss? We Can Help!

You might have noticed that your father seems less inclined to leave the house. Maybe your mother is watching your face more intently during conversations. The phone might ring six, ten, or even twenty times before you hang up, knowing that they probably didn’t hear it. But no matter how hard it is to see you parents suffer from hearing loss, it can be even harder to talk to them about it.

Our Free Info Pack Helps You Start the Conversation About Hearing Loss

Many parents and their adult children are afraid of discussing hearing loss for the same reasons: they are not sure what will happen afterward. Even if you can agree that there is a problem, how can you solve it? Will it mean the loss of your parents’ independence, or will the high cost of hearing aids make the conversation pointless?

Our information pack contains the tools you need to take control of the situation. This free packet contains information on how the ear works, types of hearing testing that should be done, how to choose a hearing care provider, and an overview of the many kinds of devices available to correct every degree of hearing loss. It also includes a short quiz to determine whether your loved one needs a hearing aid, as well as some surprising benefits to using a hearing aid every day, and offers tips to find the right hearing aid and stay within your budget.

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