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Military Service Members’ Hearing Loss Is Overlooked (and Under-Diagnosed)

Many veterans return from deployment bearing the scars of their service. However, an overwhelming number of former soldiers will be forced to cope with the loss of one of their senses in addition to their battle wounds, making it that much more difficult to adjust to a normal life at home.

Veterans: Overwhelmingly Likely to Suffer Hearing Loss in Military Service

Auditory injuries are common among U.S. military veterans, and have even been called the number one war wound. Military service can result in hearing loss, tinnitus, and other auditory difficulties in as many as 1.5 million U.S. veterans—and the numbers seems to be rising rather than falling. The Hearing Health Foundation recently found that 60% of young veterans suffered hearing problems including hearing loss and tinnitus after service in Afghanistan and Iraq, commonly as a result of:

  • Daily exposure. Nearly every facet of military life is noisy, from tanks and heavy vehicles driving down rocky roads to the noises of helicopters and active combat. Even the constant whirr of generators and machinery on the base can chip away at a soldier’s hearing, putting even those who served away from war zones at risk of hearing damage.
  • Blast sites. When considering the dangers of explosions, hearing damage is often overlooked. Soldiers who are treated for bodily injuries after an explosion are also likely to suffer hearing damage later in life, while those in close proximity of the blast who suffer perforated eardrums are often given lower priority.
  • Infrequent testing. Soldiers should undergo hearing testing at the start of their service, every year during service, and upon their release from military duty. However, many service members are not in a position to undergo regular screenings during deployment, leaving their condition to progress at a time when they need their hearing the most.

Our Specialists Can Help Restore Your Hearing

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