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Having Trouble Hearing? Your Smartphone May Have an App That Can Help

You may already be aware that people can get a baseline reading of their own hearing loss by taking an online hearing test. Now, developers have created hearing testing applications that can be download to smartphones or tablets, giving patients and hearing professionals the ability to conduct hearing screenings no matter where they are—and these beneficial apps go far beyond diagnosing hearing loss.

3 Smartphone Apps That Can Help Hearing Loss Patients

In addition to screening apps, there are applications that can help patients cope with their conditions as they move through a variety of environments. Some of the most useful apps include:

  • Electronics enhancers. Many smart TVs and stereos offer connections to phones, tablets, and other wireless devices, allowing hearing loss sufferers to bring the sound from electronics systems to a mobile device. These apps can be used with or without headphones to bring sounds even closer, with volume controlled through the mobile device.
  • Personal sound amplification (PSAP). Amplifier apps combine sound processing technology with the mobile device’s microphone, clarifying the sounds that are “heard” through the device. Users can typically choose from a variety of settings, including background noise reduction and volume controls, allowing them to adjust to the filter that sounds best.
  • Hearing aid remote apps. Patients who already have a hearing aid device can take their treatment even further using their smartphones or tablets. Many of these devices connect wirelessly with newer-model hearing aids, allowing users to download an app that acts as a remote control. Patients can adjust their volume levels, toggle between hearing programs, and optimize their device for different listening environments without ever removing their hearing aids.

While testing and amplification apps can greatly benefit many users, none of the apps currently on the market can provide the precision and personalized diagnosis of an actual audiogram. Our hearing care providers make it easy for new patients to understand the extent of their hearing loss, allowing them to start treatment as quickly as possible. Use our convenient online contact form to get started!