Take Our Quick and Easy Online Hearing Test!

Have you ever had trouble hearing someone who was calling to you from another room, standing behind you, or even speaking right to your face? Hearing loss comes in many forms and can happen at any age, robbing patients of the comfort and interaction of the people around them.

If you have noticed a need to have people speak up or repeat themselves in conversations, you could be suffering from a mild form of hearing loss. Hearing loss sufferers are often unable to identify the signs of hearing problems in themselves, and may find ways around the problem instead of getting proper treatment. Fortunately, the hearing care providers at Tru-Tone Hearing Aid Centers have made it easy for you to discover whether or not you have a hearing loss with our online hearing test!

Take Our Online Hearing Test!

Some people can have difficulty hearing if they are tired or stressed, and can hear normally under regular conditions. Others will have consistent difficulty hearing certain sounds, pitches, and noise levels. Our online hearing test will allow you to find out if your hearing loss is a treatable condition.

All you will need to take the test is a computer, a quiet environment, and a pair of headphones. If you do not have headphones, you can use speakers, although the test may not be as effective. If you already wear hearing aids, it is best if you remove them while you are taking the test. The test will take about five minutes to complete, and can give you a general impression of your hearing ability and losses.

Although an online hearing test is not as effective as a screening performed by a hearing health care professional, it can usually determine what kind of loss is present and whether a hearing device could correct the condition.